The FUTURE IoT framework is here!

IoT Sense – Gateway & Device Management Platform!

An edge level software gateway solution and an intelligent hardware agnostic platform, which is built on an open API architecture.
‘IoT Sense’ helps to connect legacy & new sensors with ease of customization and rapid deployment.

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WHY CHOOSE Winjit’s IoT Sense?

IoT Sense is the most preferred Smart, Secure & Scalable IoT Platform, which enables to implement large and complex
IoT solutions with ease. The most preferred & trusted IoT implementers for businesses across the globe.


All features are based on immense research and customer feedback by a team of experts. An easy to use IoT platform that is customizable based on various needs of our users.


Our engineering team brought-in great innovations to make IoT Sense a great product. Award winning, unique offerings help to get more out of normal edge level gateway solution!

Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.

  • Unified Data Definition to transform data in real time

  • Data stream compression upto 30x

  • Smart Intrusion Detection

  • Edge level machine learning

Along with Network, Storage and Application level security, we have cutting edge smart security features, which are crucial for any IoT implementation.

Smart Intrusion Detection
Edge Level Machine Learning
Proprietary Algorithms
Hardware Locks
Smart Alerts and Reports

Unified Data Definition, is a unique feature which allows to standardize data output, even if we have multiple types of data input formats

Transform Data
Clean Data
Real time data conversion
Drag-n-drop UI for ease of use
Custom programmable functions

Real-time Data Stream Compression

Compression using Edge Machine Learning
Unique compression algorithm
Real-time data compression
Optimized throughput up to 30X compression ratio

Get Hands On With IoT Sense Live

We know you are curious to try our system, and we encourage the same!

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