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Revitalizing Healthcare Industry with IoT

The healthcare industry faces serious problems with the increase in available devices and the information generated through them. There are also several procedures in the industry, which are often difficult because of the lack of communication. Integration is required to achieve the ideal organizational results in this industry. One of the ways this result is [...]

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What is the Future of IoT?

The focus of the IoT remains on improving our lives, providing us convenience and leaving us free only to perform the most engaging activities. Here, we first look at the current IoT applications and then briefly discuss a few future situations where IoT can certainly make our lives easier. Current IoT Applications When we look [...]

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NB, LoRa, or Sigfox – What is the Future?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a compound term which includes all solutions that use the available network technology, data processing and edge computing to come up with smart solutions for everyday applications. Here, we compare three important IoT connectivity solutions of NB, LoRa and Sigfox. Capabilities of NB Narrowband (NB) is an IoT connectivity [...]

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IoT Enabled Greenhouse – A Reality

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the implementation of artificial intelligence and smart technology, in common household and industrial applications. This results in creating an innovative environment capable of making the right decisions. Here we focus our attention on IoT enabled greenhouse which has the capacity to revolutionize farming and improve the efficiency of this [...]

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IoT – Making a Mark in Renewable Energy

IoT (Internet of Things) is an umbrella term for technologies that may use available network technologies to allow smart behavior and task automation. Out of the many IoT applications currently available, one of the important ones is in the field of renewable energy. Here are some amazing benefits of IoT that you can enjoy by [...]

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5G in IoT: Transforming Edge Communication

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing concept and is quickly expanding to domains that may not have been previously possible. One important concept is that IoT requires the adoption of innovative methods and new technologies in a consistent manner. One important element in this regard is 5G in IoT, which can transform edge [...]

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IoT: Monitoring CO2 Emissions for Greener Environments

Over the decades lot of damage has been done to our planet and a major contributing factor is pollution. The balance of the earth’s atmosphere has been disturbed by the rapid population growth, fast urbanization, drastic increase in vehicles on roads, and rapid industrialization. All these factors affect the quality of climate and this climatic [...]

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Monitoring Assets with IoT Based Surveillance

One of the biggest concerns businesses are facing today is the security of their assets. To guard their assets against attack, sabotage, crime, espionage etc., businesses are stepping up the efforts to boost their security. A measure that can be particularly useful in this regard is the adoption of IoT-based surveillance. A common aspect of [...]

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Decentralizing IoT from Cloud to Fog

Cloud technology provides businesses with a unique way of eliminating the need for maintaining physical resources. An important benefit of using the cloud technology is the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT refers to implementing the use of modern networks in all common applications to create smart devices for traditional and even mundane [...]

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Increase Your ROI Using Industrial IoT

Just like Internet of Things (IoT), industrial IoT is used in many industries and for a variety of applications. Technology that initially focused on automation, and optimizing operational efficiency, industrial IoT has unlocked many opportunities in industrial control, asset performance management, intelligent manufacturing, optimization and automation. This in turn has helped create new revenue models, [...]

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