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How IoT Has Changed Big Data Analytics

Two of the most-talked about technologies of the modern era, Internet of Things (IoT) and big data are often confusing to understand—both individually and in relation to each other. A question that people often ask is how IoT has changed big data analytics. To answer this, we need to understand the Internet of Things, big [...]

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Importance of IoT Air Traffic Control

By connecting smart devices with other smart devices, and allowing them to communicate with each other, the Internet of Things (IoT) is making our lives better. We can expect IoT to affect many sectors in the future and this includes aviation. Increased safety and passenger comfort and reduced travel time are some of the ways [...]

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Understanding your Machines with IoT Data

Manufacturing and assembling companies must always improve their processes and try to get more from their expensive machinery and setup. However, it takes most companies several months before understanding the operational capability of their machines and putting them to efficient use. With the application of IoT data gathering and processing, you can easily understand your [...]

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Smart Fleet Management with IoT

Billions of connected devices that communicate with us and each other make up the internet of things (IoT). Each day, millions of new IoT devices are added to the billions already existing. IoT is empowering many fields today and one of them is fleet management. By fueling innovation, IoT is increasing the safety and efficiency [...]

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Improve Your Decision Making Using IoT and ML

A phrase describing the plethora of devices, software and sensors developed in recent years that are capable of seizing, recording and transferring information in an automated way, Internet of Things or IoT is radically changing the data strategy of many businesses today. To help businesses make better decisions in real time, new and exciting opportunities [...]

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IoT: Simplifying the Onboarding of Legacy Systems

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a collection of technological innovations which implements modern networking applications to improve everyday functions. IoT has amazing benefits in terms of improving our homes and offices by automating simple and mundane tasks that become repetitive for human resources. However, an important question that businesses face is what to do [...]

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How is IoT Making your Product Better?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an excellent innovation and is helping several businesses. While you may believe that your business produces a specific physical product, implementing IoT solutions can certainly improve several aspects of your product. Here, we describe you  diverse ways in which you can implement solutions like IoTSense to help you improve [...]

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Visualize your Progress with IoTSense Analytics

Visualize your Progress with IoTSense Analytics Analyzing a large amount of data and leveraging it to visualize progress, as well as making policies based on the findings, is basically what places an organization ahead of the competition these days. This is because accumulated data is priceless, and when processed and analyzed to perfection, can reveal [...]

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Computer Vision in IoT Electronic Observation Tools

Computer Vision in IoT Electronic Observation Tools The realm of computer vision is steadily progressing, with the advent of technologies such as extreme resolution imaging and augmented reality. Computer systems, in this day and age, are able to recognize and analyze patterns and points better than ever before, and a lot of that has to [...]

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Power Management with Connected Buildings

Power Management with Connected Buildings We are obsessed towards finding cost savings and optimizing performance when it comes to our work, home or school. But, due to reasons unknown we often neglect the very walls we have around us. Going along the lines of better and smarter buildings, IoT has given us the concept of [...]

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