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Easy Ways to Deploy IoT Solutions for Your Industry using Open Architecture

Easy Ways to Deploy IoT Solutions for Your Industry using Open Architecture Open architecture IoT solutions certainly have the capacity to provide measurable improvements in a variety of applications. Regardless of your industry, you can always use  easy ways in which you deploy IoT solutions that improve your industry with the use of embedded sensors [...]

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Cleaner Ecosystem with Smart Waste Management

Cleaner Ecosystem with Smart Waste Management Waste collection has always been a necessary service for mankind. However, as cities grow bigger and metropolitans grow skywards, traditional modes of waste management will, if they already aren’t, fail to keep up with population growth. The most logical way to overcome this problem is through the implementation of [...]

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Complete Product Lifecycle Management: IoTSense Monitoring and Maintenance

Complete Product Lifecycle Management: IoTSense Monitoring and Maintenance One of the important avenues of using internet of things (IoT) technology is to ensure that you can perform the ideal product lifecycle management. Smart devices can provide information about your products in every step . This way, you can ensure ideal monitoring and maintenance of your [...]

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IoT and The Health of Cattle

IoTSense was featured in the Forbes Africa magazine. This article shows how IoT is leveraged in the dairy insudtry. Agriculture is the only sector in which one can actually grow something. All the other industries are related to transferring of services, which underscores the importance of the agricultural sector in the economy. Agriculture as an [...]

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NASSCOM Emerge 50 Award, 2017: Most Innovative Product

IoTSense was honoured with India’s most innovative top 50 emerging software product. This was categorized by a mixture of burgeoning success stories and promising start-ups that are coming up with exciting innovative solutions.            There were about 384 nominations for this award and four rounds of evaluation and validation were conducted [...]

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Top Internet of Things (IoT) Data Protocols

There are several different data protocols to choose from when it comes to connecting various devices to the Internet of Things. Few are new while few are old & legacy protocols. Depending on various implementations and sensors, use of protocols differs. While there is no single “winner” amongst them, each one has their own strength [...]

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Best IoT Implementation BW Digital Leaderships & CIO Awards- IoT Sense

Gartner has projected that there will be 25 billion IoT devices on the market by 2020.But did you know that these devices apply not just to humans but to... cows too? What is IoT Sense ?An edge level software gateway solution and an intelligent hardware agnostic platform, which is built on an open API architecture. IoT Sense [...]

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IoT and its Current Challenges

A recent research shows that a whopping 94% of all businesses have seen a return on their IoT investments[4]. IIoT is destined for growth across versatile domains, however it raises significant challenges that could limit the utilization of its true potential benefits. Some of the most pressing challenges and concerns emerge from the five Key [...]

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