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Introduction to IoT – Internet Of Things

We live in a world where there is so much to do but so little time. The multitasking capabilities of the present generation is at the highest ever rate. The market is flooded with Technology and Innovations. Yet something seems amiss, that something is “Control”. Control over ever Hardware, Electronics, Machine or Technology you own [...]

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Winjit IoT Hackathon: Where CURIOSITY leads to SOLUTION

What is a Hackathon? A hack-a-thon event (also known as an apps challenge, hack day, hackfest, or codefest) is an intensive marathon competition of brainstorming and computer programming that draws together the talent and creativity of software developers and designers. Winjit is proud to announce that like the many other areas, we have gradually expanded [...]

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What are the benefits of Internet of Things

Everyone is talking about Internet of Things these days. What exactly is Internet of Things? In lay man’s terms, it is an intelligent interaction between all sorts of devices over the internet. This will eventually help us take better decisions and make our lives smoother. Here are some examples that we can envision due to involvement [...]

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